The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit is a paradise for F1 fans who want to immerse themselves in the excitement of the action on the track. Whether you prefer an excellent view of the finish line and pit lane from the main grandstand or a more affordable option such as the natural grandstand, rest assured that every seat at the Barcelona circuit promises an unforgettable experience.

Main Grandstand 

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has one of the longest finishing straights in the championship. And it's the one you'll be watching from the main grandstand. You can look forward to a view of the race start, dramatic moments on the pit lane and the legendary Barcelona totem with the current standings always in front of your eyes.

The grandstand is one of the few covered - priceless on hot Spanish days! It has only one flaw you can't see any of the curves from most of the seats.

Grandstand J

The grandstand is connected to the main grandstand, it is located between the starting grid and the first turn. You will have a great view of the pit lane exit and the action at the teams closest to you. And you'll be able to see into the first turn. The grandstand also gives you a more distant view of the central part of the track between turns 5 and 6.

It’s advantage is that it’s a low-cost option.

Grandstand K

From this grandstand you can see not only the first turn , where racers often overtake but also the middle part of the track. You'll enjoy the view of the cars roaring down the long finishing straight, as well as the acceleration of the formula around Turns 2 and 3.

The formula then comes back to you after passing through turn 5, which you will also see.

Grandstand F

From this grandstand you will have the best view of the action in Turn 1, including frequent overtaking manoeuvres. You'll then follow the cars through Turn 2 and into Turn 3. The best view is from the seats at the top of the grandstand. For the price-performance ratio, this grandstand is definitely one of the most interesting alternatives at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Grandstand A

Choose this grandstand if you want a great view of the race start. Although the grandstand is behind the safety zone and is, therefore, a little further away from the track, on the other hand, you won't be shielded by the safety fence at all, even if you are in the lower rows. The impression of the formulas rushing towards you is breathtaking! You'll follow the cars all the way to Turn 3. They'll even flash into your view for a moment as they  pass the winding track around Turn 5.

Grandstand L

You won't know where to look first in this grandstand. It is right in the middle of the hill around which the track curves. You'll enjoy a view of the part of the straight track beyond the start and a view of the entire section between Turns 4 and 7.

Grandstand N

The grandstand offers a unique view of the fast Turn 9. Here you will fully understand what aerodynamics means and appreciate the speed of Formula 1 cars and the magic of seeing them live. Also, this is a very important section of the track where riders’ tactics take place before approaching the back straight.

If you want to see the phenomenal sight of an F1 car taking on a corner at speed then look no further than Grandstand N. From seats here you'll see the cars exit Turn 8, then a short time later flick right into the sweeping Turn 9.

Grandstand B

The grandstand is located right at the entrance to a sequence of medium-speed and slower corners called the "stadium". The most popular section of the track has the charm of having several corners right in front of you where you can watch many cars at once. The spectator scenery is also unique and is unmatched by a football match at the Camp Nou.

Grandstand G

The huge grandstand is one of the most popular on the circuit. This is the grandstand  from where you will see most of the action in the stadium. The most popular section of the track has the charm of having several corners right in front of you, where you can watch many cars at once. The spectator scenery here is also unique and is unmatched by a football match at the Camp Nou. From the best seats in this grandstand, you can see 5 corners plus the pit lane.

Grandstand C

The grandstand is located between the large G and H stands and offers a very similar view with an incredible spectator backdrop. You will enjoy a view of the entire circuit. However, the disadvantage of this grandstand is the long distance from the track, as there will be an unused section of the track in front of you with no chicane.

Grandstand H

You will see similar action from stand G as from stand H, only the angle will be different. The stand is also very popular because there is no fence blocking the view and it is a great place to see the chicane.

Turn 16: Grandstand I

If you want to get out of the sun and see the action on the track somewhere other than the finishing straight, this grandstand is your only chance. Located on the last fast corner, there's plenty of action to enjoy. And you won't have to get hot  under  the harsh Spanish sun. You'll enjoy a partial view of the pit lane, despite  it's a  long way to the finish.

General Admission

The popular, and above all the cheapest ticket for the Grand Prix of Spain at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The General Admission offers fans free movement around the designated parts of the track - the southern section around the very popular Grandstand L and along the straight between Turns 8 and 9, as well. The elevated embankments offer great views,  however,  be aware that you have no claim to your seat and  once you get up, someone else  might take it. For true F1 fans though, it's a great economical way to enjoy the race. 

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